About Us

Like a second home

"Comfortable" and "mellow" are just a couple of words our patrons have used to describe us. We agree. We like the home-y vibe that Leisure has. And it just happens by folks being folks.

We love St. Johns and because of our love for this great neighborhood, we want to give back something meaningful. Sure our full bar has some of the best micro-brews in St. Johns and sure our menu is much better than what you'll find in a typical pub (our food is crazy good by the way), but we wanted to create a place where relationships could be built and nurtured, a place where ideas could be born, a place that's free of "a scene," a pub that gets the good people of St. Johns coming together.

A great St. Johns story

Owners, Travis and Nicole, simply had two passions, one for St. Johns and one for pubs. And that's about all they had to start out with. Leisure is the result of hard work, countless hours and unwavering determination. When you walk out onto Leisure's patio and see the tables, benches, planter boxes and bocce ball court, Travis built those himself. Travis and Nicole put such a great deal of thought and care into the decor as well as the human element of the pub, you can tell they care about you and your experience.

It's for you

We want you to have a place to go and feel at home. We want to be the place you tell your friends to meet you. We want you to become neighbors with the people you live close to. We want you to take part in making the St. Johns community stronger. Come in, hang out, have something to drink, get something to eat; we're just right down Lombard.